A 30-year-old academy instructor who caught a drunken woman into a taxi and chased after her was sentenced to probation.

The Jeju District Court sentenced 33-year-old A, who was handed over to trial for quasi-forced molestation and property concealment, to 8 months in prison and 3 years of probation, ordered 100 hours of community service, 40 hours of sexual violence treatment program, and disclosure of personal information on information and communications networks for 5 years. It was announced today (29th).

According to the indictment, Mr. A found a drunken woman B in front of a bar in Jeju City at 2 am on October 31 last year, followed him tenaciously in a taxi, and assaulted Mr. B, who was unable to resist, in an empty place. B's cell phone was hidden in the flower bed.

Judge Kim said, "The situation in which the defendant calmly and tenaciously took a taxi to the drunk victim, seized the opportunity to avoid the eyes of passersby, and forcibly molested the drunken victim, and the situation is very poor, and he is criticized more for being a teacher at a private academy teaching English to middle and high school students He explained the reason for the sentencing, saying, "I took into account the fact that I had an agreement with the victim and that there was no criminal record beyond a fine."

(Photo = provided by Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)