The funeral ceremony for rescue team leader Kim Dong-sik, who died while extinguishing a fire at the Coupang logistics center, was held this morning (21st). The remains of Captain Kim were buried in the Daejeon Memorial Cemetery.

Reporter Shin Jeong-eun reports.


Kim Dong-sik's funeral ceremony was held at 9:30 a.m. at the Gwangju Citizens' Gymnasium as the head of Gyeonggi-do.

The funeral was attended by more than 90 people, including bereaved families, fellow firefighters, and political figures from the ruling and opposition parties.

Throughout the funeral, the bereaved families shed tears without stopping.

President Moon Jae-in said that he would not forget the passion and dedication of the deceased through a battle read by Fire Chief Shin Yeol-woo.

[Shin Yeol-woo/Chief of the Fire Service (President Moon Jae-in, read by Chojeon): The deceased opened the way to save lives at the very front of the scene

of the fire

and kept everyone safe and kept the road until the last.]

A veteran firefighter with 27 years of experience, General Kim On the 17th, he entered the scene of a fire at the Coupang Deokpyeong Logistics Center in Icheon, but could not escape and disappeared.

Captain Kim was found dead after 48 hours of isolation.

Captain Kim said that he was blunt but always kept his principles.

[Ham Jae-cheol / Fellow Firefighter: I was afraid of every minute and every second that I had no choice but to leave alone for a few more days without being able to rescue him right away from the terrifying fire. Dongsik's older brother. It was a short meeting, but it was precious.] The

colleagues showed off the deceased with a salute.

The remains of the deceased are buried in the Daejeon Memorial Cemetery.

Gyeonggi-do awarded Captain Kim the first-class special promotion and the Medal of Merit for Green Birds.