• Apple presented at its WWDC conference which has just been held its future operating system dedicated to its connected watch.

  • No doubt at the end of September, the Apple Watch will have new features around connected objects and health.

  • Among them, the integration of virtual keys, a simplified control of the connected home and tips to avoid saturating in the face of received notifications!

Tick, tock, tick, tock… Countdown for watch OS8, the Apple Watch operating system which, like every year, should undergo a facelift next school year.

While according to Bloomberg, the Apple brand watch could see its design revisited, watch OS8 will introduce new features.

20 Minutes

takes stock of real developments and gadgets.

1. Easier access to connected objects

With the

Home App

, you no longer need to search for the various applications corresponding to your connected objects (thermostat, lighting, surveillance camera, etc.).

All the possible interactions will be brought together in a single place where it will be possible to remotely control all the objects in the connected home on a single screen.

Under this platform will also be grouped alerts for updates to objects, recharging their battery ... Good news, because on the screen of the Apple Watch, we ended up not really knowing which device corresponded to such or such. such icon!

2. More lively responses

Watch OS8 will allow you to respond to received messages more easily and with more interactions thanks to the




This will authorize the drawing of letters with the finger on the screen of the watch, but also the sending of GIFS and emojis to his correspondents.

3. A virtual key for his house or his car

Expected advance, key virtualization.

Thanks to

Ultra Wideband


, Watch OS8 will allow everyone to open their home door directly from their Apple Watch.

This will require a compatible lock (those of the Yale brand are already on the firing point).

Techno will also be developed for hotels, such as Hyatt, where you will receive a virtual key when booking, a key that can only be used for the duration of your stay.

Finally, the system will be developed on cars.

BMW is the first manufacturer to offer

Car Keys in this way


4. Integrated driving license

No need to walk around with your papers on you!



application will

offer, first in the United States, to integrate in the middle of its plane tickets or hotel reservations an authenticated copy of its driver's license.

For the moment, only certain control points will accept this dematerialized document, but we can easily imagine the function being extended as long as it is perfectly reliable and secure.

5. Better controlled breathing

Apple Watches that will be equipped with Watch OS8 will be able to monitor the quality of their user's sleep with more attention, by checking their breathing rate.

Once the collected data is sent to the



, it will be analyzed, compared to those previously recorded, thus allowing the user to be notified in the event of a problem detected.

6. Encouragement of meditation




will replace the one called



Through it, we will of course find small relaxation exercises thanks to the control of his breathing, but also meditation and self-reflection sessions.

The idea is for Apple to offer an initiation into meditation through small daily moments that can be triggered when desired.

It is not yet clear what form these exercises will take.

7. Handpicked notifications

With Watch OS8, notifications that vibrate the watch for yes or no will be terminated.

To be configured, the

Do Not Disturb

function will

allow you to choose who will have the right to disturb you, in clearly defined situations, such as Nap, Reading, etc.

It will also be possible to determine the duration during which this function will be in place.

A real "social contract", says one at Apple.




Gone is the only


offered by the Apple Watch.

Thanks to this update, it will be possible to adjust several.

You just had to think about it!

Cooking enthusiasts may appreciate the idea by being able to set the exact cooking time for several dishes prepared simultaneously.



 can be orchestrated by voice request, a function that the future iOS 15 system for the iPhone will not yet allow for its part, according to our information.


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