Colleagues say that the missing firefighter is usually the first to enter the dangerous scene for the other crew members and the last to come out. This time, as the hidden embers abruptly revived and the flames grew, they rushed out the four juniors who were in, but they couldn't get out.

By Park Jae-hyung, staff reporter.

<Reporter> As the

fire at the Coupang Logistics Center in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do grew bigger, the second stage of response was issued, mobilizing all personnel at the nearby fire department.

Workers from the Gwangju Fire Station, which is about 30 km away, also rushed to the scene.

A rescue team was dispatched because there could be people who could not be found inside the building, and fire cop Kim Mo, the head of the rescue team at the Gwangju Fire Station, was riding in the rescue vehicle.

Captain Kim and four crew members who arrived at the scene began to search for lives and extinguish the fire.

At around 11:30 am while searching the second basement floor, the ignition point, the hidden embers were revived and the flames spread rapidly, and the parcels on the shelves began to collapse.

There were about 40,000 items stored on the second basement floor alone.

In an urgent situation, Fire Inspector Kim ordered "Escape from the scene" and sent out the crew first, but he was trapped in the flames and could not escape.

And it hasn't come back yet.

[Byung-Woo Cho / Head of Disaster Prevention Division, Gwangju Fire Station: Always when rescuers enter, he stands at the forefront and enters again, and when he comes out, he checks last... .] The

crew is always remembered as the captain who protects the team from danger.

[Gwangju Fire Department Rescuer: (On the roof in case of a house fire) There was a dangerous situation when the fire suddenly increased. Taking the risk with your body while keeping your teammates behind you... .] The

fire department is planning to send down a special rescue team to find Police Officer Kim after completing a safety diagnosis as early as tomorrow (19th).

(Video coverage: Harung, Video editing: So Ji-hye)    

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