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Sports Association launched an investigation after claiming that the athletes of the Incheon Para Swimming Team were assaulted several times during training. Managers and coaches strongly deny the allegations, saying there was no violence.

Reporter Hyeon-Jeong Lee reported.


This is a video taken by parents of athletes belonging to the Incheon Para Swimming Federation earlier this month.

[Player A (parent photo): (Where did you get hit with this?) Butt. (Who hit you?) Director ○○○. Ouch. (Is it sick?) It hurts.]

[Player B (Parents filmed): Coach ○○○, Teacher ○○, Teacher ○○ () all got it right, so I’m upset because I got it all right. I'm so sad. I'm in tears all of a sudden. I am upset because I suddenly burst into tears.] From

elementary school students to their 20s, 12 athletes with intellectual disabilities and autistic disorders confessed that they were beaten by coaches and coaches during practice.

He said that he was hit in the buttocks with baseball bats and flippers, mainly in the pool warehouse, and stated the place, tools and body parts similarly.

The players claim that they were hit for reasons such as poor training attitude, poor record, and not working hard to jump rope. Some athletes suffered blindness due to a torn forehead or a pricked eye by a broken plastic stick.

[Player C: I was dragged to the warehouse, hit the toilet, hit with slippers, dragged in water, and drank a lot of water. I hit here and here. (What did you hit?) A bat right?]

[Player D: A bat. Bat on the 2nd floor. Sometimes I was dragged to the warehouse, and I got slapped in the warehouse, hit here and here. (I like swimming with my friends? It's hard sometimes?) It's hard sometimes. Instead, I have a happy day. (Are you happy? Because you are swimming?) Happy that there is no teacher.]

Parents said that they tolerated a certain amount of corporal punishment for the training of athletes, but they did not know it was this severe.

[Mom A: I found out while filming. Is it this bad?]

[Mom B: The mothers themselves are blaming themselves. why did you find out Why couldn't I ask?] The

Incheon Sports Association for the Disabled is planning to request an investigation if it is confirmed that assault is the result of the investigation.

[Kim Seong-jae / Incheon Sports Association for the Disabled Team Leader: Accounting processing or subsidy fraudulent execution. To some extent

, the coaches and coaches responded to a reporter's question about whether or not they were assaulted, saying, "Some players have been injured in accidents, but there has never been any assault." Due to the nature of the players, their statements come and go depending on the question, so it is difficult to trust them.”

In addition, he said that there was a conflict between the sports association and the federation in the background of raising the problem, and that he would take legal action such as defamation.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-chul, video editing: So Ji-hye, CG: Han Jeong-woo)