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fire at the Coupang Logistics Center in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, at dawn on the 17th, has not been extinguished until now.

Everyone who was working evacuated, but one firefighter who went inside to put out the fire suddenly spread and couldn't get out of the building.

For more details, we will connect with reporters on the spot.

Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon, the fire in the back seems to be much bigger than before, but the firefighters are worried.

Are the search operations still ongoing?


Yes, it's been about 14 hours since the fire started, but the fire has gotten stronger a little while ago.

Black smoke was soaring up until about 12 pm earlier, but now, as you can see, red flames are soaring up the entire building.

Searching for firefighters who could not get out during the firefighting operation seems to be impossible now.

More than 8 hours have passed since we were not able to get out, and about 10 rescue teams have been desperately searching for it.

[Park Soo-jong/Chief of Disaster Prevention Division, Icheon Fire Station, Gyeonggi-do: A fellow rescue team is searching for about 10 people, and about 10 people have to suppress the rest, so about 20 people are currently entering.] The


broke out

this morning. It started on the 2nd basement floor of the warehouse building on the 4th floor and 2 stories below the ground around 5:30.

The fire department immediately issued a second level of response and lowered the level of response by catching a large flame within three hours of the fire.

However, around 11:45 a.m. the fire suddenly rose.

At this time, the firefighters who were working on firefighting also evacuated the building urgently, but the rescuer could not get out.

Another firefighter who entered at the time escaped exhausted, but was transported to the hospital after drinking a lot of smoke.

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reporter Ha Jeong-yeon just said, there was news that the fire had been extinguished to some extent this morning. Why did it spread like this again?


It was because there were a lot of miscellaneous goods and plastics piled up on the second basement floor.

Firefighters did their best to prevent the fire from spreading to other floors once it started.

We continued to prepare for the fire to prevent the fire from spreading to the chests, but it didn't seem easy.

The fire appears to have spread throughout the warehouse as the embers spread in all directions.

The fire department said in a briefing a while ago that there is a high probability that the building will be burned down.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-su, Kim Yong-woo, Video editing: Lee So-young)