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is the breaking news of the Gwangju building collapse accident that killed 17 people. The court issued an arrest warrant for the site manager of the demolition company and the excavator driver. An investigation into the redevelopment association, which is suspected of being involved in various corruptions, has also begun.

More details will be provided by KBC reporter Jaehyun Kim.


Mo Kang, the manager of the building collapse accident, who attended the court for the substantive review of the warrant, apologized to the victims.

[Mr. Kang/site manager: (Do you have anything to say to the victims?) I'm really sorry.]

Mo Jo, an excavator driver, avoided an immediate answer to the question of who received the work order.

[Mr. Jo / excavator driver: (Who did you get the work order from?) I will reveal it in court.] The

Gwangju District Court issued arrest warrants for these two people on charges of manslaughter and negligence on the job.

The police plan to intensively investigate who ordered the demolition work and whether the original contractor, Hyundai Development Company, was aware of the illegal subcontracting.

Investigations are also being expanded to the redevelopment association, where various corruption and illegal allegations are being raised.

Mo Jo, the head of the redevelopment union in Hakdong District 4, where the collapse occurred, was the person who served as the union president at the time of the redevelopment of the Hakdong District 3 right next door, and suspicions about lobbying for local political figures continue.

The police are examining whether or not they received various privileges in the licensing process in exchange for the right to sell apartments to public officials and local politicians.

Cho is also suspected of buying 12 multi-family houses by splitting them to get the right to sell apartments in Jisan District 1, another redevelopment area in Gwangju.

The police booked 11 people, including Cho and the Dong-gu Office officials, on charges of violating the Real Name Real Estate Act.

(Video coverage: Kim Young-hwi KBC)