We reported a while ago that a man next door was caught sneaking into a woman's house through the veranda.

After the news went out, reports continued that I had also experienced something similar.

A man I didn't know kept knocking on the door and reported it to the police, but he was a sex offender, and someone kept sneaking into his house, so I eventually moved and followed him there.

So, today (16th), we will focus on the housing trespass issue, which is still neglected even though it can lead to violent crime and the fear that victims feel is great.

First of all, Shin Jeong-eun is a reporter.

<Reporter> It

was near midnight on April 9th.

A man violently shook the window of Mr. A, who lives alone.

When I asked who it was, he said that he knocked on the front door this time.

[Victim A: He shook the door harder, kicked it, and kept shaking the door lock.

I think the door will really break like that...


Turns out it was a man who lived right next door.

He stated, "I can't remember because I was drunk," and he was charged without detention for trespassing.

Mr. A heard a more absurd story.

[Victim A: (The police) made a conclusion that ‘it will end with a fine’. It's a world where victims have to flee these days, so you'd better find out about the move first.] Even after a

week has passed, they didn't tell me how it was handled, so I looked into the investigation situation myself.

[Police in charge (Called on April 16th): Anyway, I was going to give you a text message today, but I sent it to the prosecution. If you have enough, call the Central Prosecutor's Office next week and ask... .] That

was a lie.

It had already been sent to the prosecution 4 days ago, and the prosecution had also completed a request for a summary order of 3 million won in fine.

[Police in charge (call on April 28): It is true that I informed you late. I forgot to mention that I was late.]

Even I found out later that this man had a criminal record of sexual assault and assault.

He moved as if trembling in fear, but he decided to take courage at the thought that another victim might appear.

After hurriedly hiring a lawyer and responding, the case eventually went to a formal trial.

[Lee Joo-yeon / Attorney: I should have looked at the seriousness of the matter differently to punish me for simple house trespassing.]

The first trial against this man is scheduled to be held next week.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, Video editing: Lee So-young) 

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