Spotify has rolled out its own audio chat app


the music service reported on Wednesday.

Spotify Greenroom allows users to start and follow conversations, just like in Clubhouse.

The app is available for Android and iOS.

To use the app, the user logs in with his Spotify account.

All users can set up a conversation room or join a conversation.

Conversations can be recorded and the rooms also have a written chat function.

Greenroom was formerly known as Locker Room and was developed by Betty Labs.

The app had the same features as Greenroom, but was aimed at sports fans.

Spotify bought Betty Labs in March and then decided to release Locker Room under a new name.

In addition, Spotify wants to reach more target groups with the app.

In the summer, Spotify also wants to set up a program for users who want to earn money through Greenroom, called Spotify Creator Fund.

More information about that program will be available soon, says the music service.