Criticism has grown over the use made by the police in Honolulu, Hawaii (United States) of financial assistance to organizations affected by the coronavirus.

The police have indeed spent nearly $ 150,000 (about 123,000 euros) for the purchase of a Spot robot dog, reports



The explanations of the leaders of the police force did not convince the detractors of this choice, including among the police officers.

Major Mike Lambert and Lt. Joseph O'Neal had defended the acquisition of the machine last January before Honolulu City Council.

They put forward the protection that the robot manufactured by Boston Analytics would provide to police officers in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Spot will operate within a camp set up for the homeless.

His purchase paid off in ninety days

The tents are offered to homeless people who have to quarantine due to contamination with the coronavirus but who have not been able to integrate the existing structures.

The robot will exempt the police from close contact with sick individuals.

The officers had estimated in their presentation that avoiding possible exposure to agents was well worth $ 150,000.

The robot dog was fitted with a camera described as being able to "scan an area of ​​three pixels in the corner of the eye."

It thus offers the measurement "of the most precise body temperature that one can obtain in this place and probably everywhere else", had affirmed the officers.

The machine is also programmed for disinfection with UV rays and atomizers.

According to officials, the purchase of the Spot will pay for itself in ninety days thanks to the savings in material and human resources.

The specialized media, however, noted that a model of the robot intended for developers cost half the amount paid by the Honolulu police.


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