Utrecht should get a large Apple museum next year.

Not only are almost all devices of the tech giant on display there, but also posters and manuals.

Ed Bindels is the founder of the computer retail chain Amac, which mainly sells Apple products.

He is merging his own collection with that of the Apple Museum Netherlands Foundation.

That museum in Westerbork could no longer bear the costs during the corona crisis.

Bindels already had his own collection.

During the corona crisis, when the Amac stores were closed, he turned his attention to replenishing that collection.

Then he also came into contact with the Apple Museum in Westerbork.

Before the crisis, three thousand to five thousand visitors came here every year.

The collection of that museum will be managed by the new museum in Utrecht.

Bindels wants to exhibit the devices on the basis of storylines.

For example, the appeal of the iPhone could be illustrated by showing what other mobile phones were on the market at the time.

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

The new museum will be located in The Wall shopping center along the A2.