The giant Facebook has just unveiled the results of a study on the development of a new artificial intelligence (AI).

"TextStyleBrush" promises to imitate a writing style from an image, details the social network in a statement released on June 11.

Artificial intelligence works in a self-supervised way like “the brush tools in word processors”.

It would therefore be able to replace text in images based both on text typed via a keyboard and on handwriting.

All from a single word.

“While this technology is still in the research stage, it could power a variety of applications, like translating text to images in different languages, creating custom messages and captions, and maybe someday the translation of road signs ”, also enthuses Facebook, supporting examples.

Fight the deepfakes

For example, we see two photographs of market stalls where the names of fruits and vegetables appear in English and French, after translation by TextStyleBrush.

The handwriting seems identical in both versions.

Beyond these future applications, the digital giant indicates that it wants to make a contribution to the fight against deepfakes, this technology based on artificial intelligence which makes it possible to tackle, in real time, the face of a person on that of another already present in a video.

"By publishing this research openly, we hope to stimulate further research and dialogue by anticipating deepfakes text attacks, in the same way we do with deepfakes faces," Facebook promises.


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