An American woman who passed a confidential intelligence report to an online medium has been released from prison.

She was sentenced to five years and three months in prison in 2018, but can now serve the rest of her sentence at home.

The 29-year-old Reality Winner was arrested in June 2017.

She had been working as a translator for the NSA intelligence agency for just a few months at the time.

There she had access to classified information, including a report on attempts by the Russians to influence the American elections.

She passed this information on to an American website

The Intercept


Winner immediately confessed to having leaked the report.

She allegedly copied the piece at the office and then mailed it to the medium.

She told FBI agents that she did so because she was dissatisfied with her job and her colleagues.

Winner's lawyer is happy that her client can serve the rest of her sentence at home.

She has always said that the woman was punished too severely.

Winner's prison sentence is the longest federal prison sentence in the United States ever received for leaking classified government information to the press.

The woman would have served her sentence in full at the end of November.