Numerous agencies, including businesses and local governments, are faced with a nationwide telephone outage on Tuesday morning.

In the night from Monday to Tuesday, the police number 0900-88 44 was also temporarily off the air.

A malfunction at T-Mobile is probably the cause of the problems.

According to a spokesperson for the telecom provider, the malfunction means that incoming and outgoing calls are sometimes not possible.

T-Mobile is still investigating what the cause is and how big the impact is.

The spokesperson points out that the problems with calling may not only be caused by the outage at his company, but there could also be other outages that are involved.

The provincial government of Drenthe, municipalities such as Zwolle and Veenendaal and the Zeeland Adrz hospital are not or only poorly accessible due to the problems.

Earlier it became clear that organizations such as the ANWB, the courts and the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) could not be reached by telephone.

The ANWB reported on Tuesday morning that the Roadside Assistance was unreachable.

Stranded motorists were asked to report their breakdown via the app or via the website.

Some time later, the organization reported that the outage was over.

Malfunction at telephone number for non-urgent matters

During the night from Monday to Tuesday in parts of the country, the police had to deal with a technical malfunction with the telephone number for non-emergency matters, 0900-8844.

The number was temporarily unavailable.

By 6:20 am the problems were over.

The emergency number 112 was reachable.

For matters that were not urgent, people could contact them via social media or via a report form on the police website.