No, Thomas Pesquet is not on vacation in the ISS.

But it still enjoys paradisiacal panoramas.

Confined since April 23 in the international station, the French astronaut regularly posts, on social networks, his most beautiful pictures of our blue planet seen from the sky.

This Monday morning, he decided to lift his goal.

Two spacewalks this week

“A spectacle worthy of the explosive nuclear reaction constantly at work in the sun.

This is the legend that Thomas Pesquet chose to comment on his pictures of a sunrise on Earth, seen from space.

Images worthy of the greatest Hollywood productions, which he describes as "soft and magnificent colors which are transformed into an explosion of energy".

Fans will appreciate.

Sunrise on the 🌍.

A spectacle at the height of the explosive nuclear reaction constantly at work in the ☀😎 #MissionAlpha

- Thomas Pesquet (@Thom_astro) June 14, 2021

Thom_Astro (his pseudonym on Twitter) does not forget to recall his upcoming missions with two outings, Wednesday and Friday to install new solar panels 6 meters wide and 19 meters long which could increase the station's electricity production from 20 to 30%.

No small task for him and his space colleagues since the ISS operates entirely on solar energy.

These trips will be the third and fourth for the French astronaut.


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