The incumbent chief prosecutor was disciplined for providing convenience to a person imprisoned for fraud of more than 1 trillion won.

The Supreme Prosecutor's Office is investigating the circumstances of providing convenience to IDS Holdings CEO Kim Seong-hoon, who is imprisoned, against the Prosecutor A, who is affiliated with a local prosecutor's office.

Representative Kim, who is called the 'second Hee-Pal Cho', is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence for extorting 1.96 trillion won from more than 12,200 people by creating a multi-level organization IDS Holdings.

The Financial Victims Coalition submitted a request for inspection to the prosecution, saying that chief prosecutor A called Kim to the office dozens of times in exchange for crime information and made phone calls or met company officials and accomplices.

As a result of confirmation by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, which received the complaint, most of the contents of the complaint were found to be true, and the Supreme Prosecutor's Office began the disciplinary process.

The Financial Victims Coalition plans to file a complaint with Prosecutor A to the High-ranking Public Officials Crime Investigation Office tomorrow (16th) saying that it will not end with disciplinary action.