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rate of vaccination has recently accelerated, it seems that the government's goal of vaccination in the first half of the year will be achieved as early as today (15th). Moderna vaccinations will also start this week. Although there is an effect on the number of tests during the holidays, the number of confirmed cases this week seems to have decreased quite a bit compared to before. The number of new confirmed cases today is expected to be in the mid-to-late 300s, similar to yesterday.

By Kim Yong-tae, staff reporter.


Residents of Jindo Island, Jeollanam-do, who have difficulty accessing hospitals, started inoculating Janssen on naval vessels above the sea.

The 4,500-ton Hansando ship, which has the largest onboard medical facility in Korea, was mobilized.

[It will sting. It stings.]

Until the 30th, about 600 island residents will be vaccinated one after the other at Hansando Island.

[Sergeant Lee Ha-eun / Medical Noncommissioned Officer of the ship Hansando: We provided prompt support on the spot so that you can engage in livelihood with confidence from Corona without the hassle of coming to land.] The

first vaccination of Moderna vaccine will also start this week.

This applies to medical staff at tertiary general hospitals under the age of 30 who could not receive AstraZeneca.

People under the age of 30, but essential workers such as the police and firefighters, will be vaccinated from Pfizer starting today.

However, in the case of AstraZeneca, there are 2.4 million reservations and only 2.04 million in stock.

About 360,000 people were not vaccinated on the scheduled date.

[Jeongeungyeong / Disease Management Commissioner: to say that LADY throw for the inconvenience, quarantine authorities in a thorough (and we will) make progress all the vaccine in early July]

1000 was four kinds of vaccine is initial half goals, while earnest The first dose of 3 million people seems possible as early as today.

There is also an analysis that it can be up to 14 million people this week.

Prior to returning to school for the second semester, middle schools in the metropolitan area expanded the standard to allow up to two-thirds of students to go to school from yesterday.