▲ Goo Hara's older brother 

The so-called 'Goo Hara Act' has been passed by the State Council to prevent parents who neglect their child-rearing duties from inheriting their children's property.

The Ministry of Justice announced that some amendments to the Civil Code with this content passed the Cabinet meeting today (15th).

This bill will be submitted to the National Assembly the next day.

This revision of the civil law was triggered when the older brother of singer Goo Hara petitioned for the law to be enacted, saying, "My mother, who ran away from Goo Hara when she was young, wants to inherit half of Goo's property."

The key point of the amendments is that the Family Court decides whether to lose the right of inheritance if the beneficiary has grossly breached the duty to support the beneficiary of the property, has committed a criminal act, has been abused or severely ill-treated. .

If the right of inheritance is lost, the rule of 'inheritance by succession', which is inherited by the spouse or other direct descendants, is also not applied.

However, a 'forgiveness system' was also newly established so that even parents who do not have the right to inherit can have their inheritance rights recognized if their children forgive.

(Photo = Yonhap News)