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funeral procedures for the nine people who died in the Gwangju building collapse have been completed.

The youngest of the victims, an 18-year-old high school student, showed off her family and friends in tears today (14th).

This is KBC reporter Ko Woo-ri.

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procession of transport follows behind the father who has the spirit of his son in his heart.

The father, who sent his son away first, could not even wear mourning clothes because of his heartbreak.

[Survivors: Son, my son.]

When the father hangs his neck and calls his son, the students in school uniforms bow their heads and wipe their tears.

The youngest of the victims who died in the collapse of the building, 18-year-old Kim Mo-gun, was buried.

Kim, who was in an accident on the way home from meeting a classmate.

I have been on the road to eternal rest with my family and friends seeing me off.

The friends who offered white chrysanthemums to Kim who was leaving could not leave their seats as they watched the truck.

[Victim's friend: We were friends in the same school, but it hurts a lot to suddenly become like this.] After the

death of two people, including Kim, the funeral procedures for the victims were completed.

The joint incense place prepared for the remembrance of the citizens has been decided to operate until the bereaved family wishes.

The foretold human resources at the demolition site took the precious lives of nine people and left an indelible scar on our society.

(Video coverage: Son Young-gil KBC) 

▶ There was no iron wire to stop the collapse of the building… neglect of supervision