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I've seen a lot of articles about a teenage part-timer working at a highway rest stop being assaulted indiscriminately by customers for 'receipts'.

On the 9th, at a highway rest area in Chungcheongnam-do, a man beat up an employee.

Even though the employee's mask fell and bled, the assault did not stop.

Even after the other customer dried, he continued to swear and threaten the employee to report it to the police.

Mr. A is writing the deadline with one hand as he is finishing work at the cafe, so he handed the card and receipt with the other, but the customer did not receive it.

The assailant got into a car and drove out of the scene when the citizens stopped him.

Mr. A's face was greatly swollen, and he said he was afraid to meet people.

The police are pursuing the man based on his card usage history.


There was also a lot of interest in an article that a resident in his 20s, who had been abused by verbal abuse and intimidation to apartment guards for years, was handed over to trial.

Mo Lee, a resident of an apartment building, has recently been charged with obstruction of business and threats of retaliation.

Mr. Lee has been running a cafe in a shopping mall in the apartment since 2019, and it is said that he frequently asked the security guards to keep the apartment smoking area and toilets in the mall clean, and even repair the cafe air conditioner.

There were many things that were difficult to keep realistically, such as 'patrol the smoking area every 10 minutes'.

If the work was delayed even a little, he came to visit me several times a day, swearing at me, and filing a complaint saying, 'I will make you stop'.

I even told some security guards to bark like a dog, but it is known that there are about 10 employees who quit because of Mr. Lee's abuse.

It is said that some security guards who did not see Lee reported Mr.

Reporters tried to contact him to hear his position, but it is said that Mr. Lee did not respond.


'It feels like being stabbed into the brain' The high-accuracy PCR test is cumbersome and takes a long time.

British scientists have developed a 'corona sensor' that can detect COVID-19 patients in at least 15 minutes, foreign media such as The Times reported.

When installed on the ceiling or wall of an indoor room such as an office or classroom, it is said that it detects the breathing or skin of a confirmed COVID-19 patient. is said to have detected 100% of the smell from the clothes of the confirmed person.

After detecting the smell, the result is automatically sent to a designated person by text message or e-mail to prevent the spread of the virus. Further research is needed to do this, the article said.