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days get hotter, the windows are open even at night.

At that time, you may have been startled by the loud noise of motorcycles on the road.

That's why the police sometimes crack down on motorcycle noise, but there aren't many cases where they're caught.

The reason was covered by KNN reporter Kang So-ra.


Late at night, motorcycles roar and race down the road in the residential area.

In summer, when windows are often left open, the pain from motorcycle noise is doubled.

[Kim Ji-hyeon/Busan Haeundae-gu resident: I don't know if I'm a biker at dawn, but there are times when I hear a very loud noise, and it's so loud that I'm worried...


Cases of illegal modification of motorcycle silencers are confirmed one after another at the crackdown site.

As a result of noise measurement, it exceeds 90 decibels, which is the level inside a noisy factory.

But enforcement is not easy.

We checked 20 vehicles for about 2 hours here, and although the actual noise was considerable, there was not a single case of enforcement because it did not meet the standards.

The reason the crackdown wasn't done is because it didn't exceed 105 decibels, which is the crackdown standard.

105 decibels is comparable to the noise level felt close by as a train passes by.

There are drivers who make a roaring noise due to illegal modifications, but rather take the opposite way when they do not meet the enforcement standards.

[Cho Dae-hoon/Busan Police Agency Traffic Safety Supervisor: 105 decibels is a very loud sound. So I think it would be better if we lowered the standard a little bit by law... .] In the

United States and Japan, the upper limit of exhaust noise regulations does not exceed 100 decibels.

As the number of motorcycles has soared, it is pointed out that the standards established in the 1990s should be revised.

It is also far from the 65 decibel noise standard in residential areas set by the Ministry of Environment.

With the police crackdown still difficult, the pain caused by motorcycle noise is expected to be unavoidable this summer.

(Video coverage: Park Dong-myeong KNN)