The Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) unveiled this Friday pictures taken by its Zhurong rover, which is currently on the ground of Mars.

We see the robot and its landing platform, reports 



The Chinese robot landed on Mars on May 14 and began its exploration of the Utopia Planitia region.

Like many other Red Planet exploration missions, the goal of the rover is to collect information.

Its mission: to learn more about the climate and geology of Mars.

Family photo!

First batch of scientific images of #Zhurong rover landing on Mars unveiled.

Fig 1 was taken by a wireless camera deployed by rover.

Fig 3 shows traces of rover maneuver.

Full scale HD pictures and Easter eggs are revealed by @CNSAWatcher in

- Chinese Zhurong Mars Rover (@MarsZhurong) June 11, 2021

A quasi-selfie

After four weeks, it was time to take a picture of yourself.

To do this, the robot placed a wireless device on the ground and then took a pose next to its landing platform.

A quasi-selfie.

In early April, NASA had already unveiled a selfie of its Perseverance robot, also currently on Mars.

Panorama of 360 degrees.

Enjoy the scene viewed by #Zhurong rover.

View by yourself: Credit: weibo: Steed 的 围脖

- Chinese Zhurong Mars Rover (@MarsZhurong) June 11, 2021

Another photo shows the rover's exploration area, a vast expanse of red dominated by dust and stones.

A final shot allows us to identify the parachute and the rear heat shield in the distance, the inevitable waste left by the robot.

Zhurong travels 1,000 km from Perseverance which landed last February in Jezero crater.

Not long ago, the Ingenuity helicopter, which accompanies the American rover, traveled more than 100 m in just over a minute and thus successfully completed its seventh flight on Mars.


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