sApple has unveiled in a video demonstration its new technology to secure data without password.

With this device called Passkeys, the company promises its users to “move beyond passwords”.

On the page of its site reserved for developers, Apple recalls the risks associated with the use of a password.

A partial version of iCloud Keychain, a test version of passkey, will be available before the end of the year on iPhone, iPad and Mac, reports CNet.

🇫🇷Apple proposes to kill passwords by replacing them with FaceID or TouchID… It's called “Passkeys in iCloud Keychain”.

The initiative seems interesting.

But we touch on a subject that seems to me more and more sensitive: ... https: //

- Adrian Koss (@korido) June 11, 2021

Authentication by facial or digital recognition

Apple explained that it had used Standard Web Authentication to develop its new creation.

The system is automatically synchronized across all brand terminals owned by a user.

To authenticate, the latter must first create an identifier.

Via facial or digital recognition, Passkeys then ensures that it is indeed the owner of the device.

The process does not require the use of any password.

The creation and storage of passkeys are managed by the terminal.

After completing the first step, subsequent logins are secured by FaceID or TouchID.

“Because you only need to touch the screen once to connect, [passkeys] are easier, faster and more secure than almost any authentication method,” said the engineer. cybersecurity specialist at Apple, Garrett Davidson.

The expert spoke on Wednesday as part of the WWDC programming conference, where Apple presented Passkeys.


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