A woman in her 40s who worked for a construction company made an extreme choice by leaving a post complaining about workplace harassment and sexual harassment.

Reporter Hyo-Joo Nam of TBC covered this.

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is a suicide note left by Mr. A, who made an extreme choice, complaining about harassment and sexual harassment at work.

Mr. A, who opened his mouth by saying, "I went to the field because I wanted to live," pointed out two employees who were acting as managers and said that he was annoyed when he was sick and couldn't do it properly.

It is also written that he said sexual harassment while working and ordered to move 100 iron pipes.

I knocked on the union's door, but the perpetrators complained that they wanted to be punished, saying that they had never done so.

It was on April 26 that Mr. A joined a construction company in Pohang as a fire inspector.

It has been less than two months since I joined the company, so I made an extreme choice.

A's bereaved family said that A frequently complained to his family about abuse and sexual harassment at work.

The company said that the perpetrators identified by Mr. A in the will were immediately fired, and that sexual harassment and verbal abuse are awaiting the results of the police investigation.

[Seo Hyo-jong / Director of Labor Safety and Health Bureau of Pohang Branch of Plant Construction Union: This case is recognized as an industrial accident and death because it happened on the site by the company manager.

The Pohang branch of the National Plant Construction Labor Union also launched an investigation into female union members of other plant construction companies to see if they had experienced similar experiences at work.

(Video coverage: Shin Kyung-dong TBC, Video editing: Kim Deok-rae TBC)