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Crazy things in social networks to gain followers or likes. There are many young people who are carried away by this dangerous temptation. The last one took place on Tik Tok, where in recent weeks a new challenge,

"dry-scooping", has become viral.

As if it were a fun hobby, some young people

ingest powdered sports supplements, undiluted in water

, before exercising


They expect to suddenly gain energy to perform better and reduce fatigue.

Many users appear in their car or at home, before training, taking one, two or even three tablespoons of this supplement. Then they take out their bottle full of water to combat the strong cough that it produces and even, for more fun, they drink it from the mouth of their recording partner. Some are not able to withstand this effect and end up on the ground.

A challenge that has generated a lot of laughter and fun, but also great scares. Like the one that

Britney Portillo



one of the stars of the Only Fans platform, who

suffered a heart attack.

The young woman, only 20 years old, saw the trend in Tik Tok and decided to join without knowing the risks. Although he began to feel bad during training, he did not stop his sports activity and the symptoms got worse. "The pain moved to my back and my left arm, so I knew they were symptoms of a heart attack," Britney explained on social media during her stay in the hospital.

The followers of the young woman have turned to the recovery of the influencer and are interested in learning more about heart attacks.

Therefore, Britney is sharing videos detailing her serious experience.


Despite its dangers, this trend and other similar ones, such as the famous "cinnamon challenge", continue to be practiced on this social network. "Taking a large spoonful of any powdered substance can cause suffocation or pneumonia," explains

Verónica Chazin, a

sports nutritionist. What young people also do not know is that these protein supplements contain "up to 250 milligrams of caffeine per tablespoon, equivalent to three times the amount in a cup of coffee; and that excessive caffeine intake can cause

heart problems, rapid heartbeat and heart problems

"adds Veronica.

Far from obtaining the expected energy, those who try it suffer the opposite: "A false sensation of energy is created, which leads to forcing the training more, more than the body could bear and being able to trigger a cardiac arrest or muscle problems ".

Britney was lucky, but many

young people lose their lives for practicing these viral challenges.

A few months ago Italy was shocked after the death of a 10-year-old girl when doing the "blackout challenge" ("fainting challenge").

Antonella had put a belt around her neck in order to hold her breath as long as possible and she suffocated.

And like her other children.

Security mechanisms or parental supervision are not enough on the networks either.

Many minors under 13, the minimum age to open an account on Tik Tok,

manage to circumvent security mechanisms

and register on the platform.

Beyond fun, many young people seek success at any cost, without thinking about the risks.

And so professionals like Verónica warn: "Let's have a little common sense and think about what we are doing, our health is more important than any challenge."

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