The Special Prosecutor's Office, Lee Hyun-joo, who is investigating suspicions of fabricating evidence from the Sewol ferry disaster, raided and searched the Supreme Prosecutors' Office today (14th).

The Sewol Ferry Special Prosecutor's Office is a server of the Integrated Digital Evidence Management System from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm today to secure related data, such as videos, instructions, plans, reports, and electronic information related to the collection of the Sewol's DVR, so-called closed circuit TV storage device. We have obtained data related to the incident.

The special prosecutor plans to conduct additional search and seizure tomorrow (15th) as there is a large amount of data to be secured.

The special prosecutor, launched on the 13th of last month, is currently collecting about 800 records and 40 terabytes (TB) of records from the relevant agencies that dealt with the Sewol ferry disaster, including the National Assembly, Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, and Gwangju District Prosecutors' Office. Electronic information materials have been obtained and are under review.

In addition, until today, 5 prosecutors and 21 investigators have been dispatched to the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, the Navy (headquarters, Jinhae Base Headquarters, Rescue Squadron), and the Coast Guard (main office, West Sea Regional Maritime Police Agency, Mokpo Maritime Police Station), We have secured confiscated items such as documents and more than 100TB of electronic information.

Among the records obtained in this way, four data including the original DVR hard disk, image restoration data, DVR collection video, and hull internal work video were requested to be evaluated by the National Forensic Service (National Forensic Service), and forensic procedures such as comparison and analysis of related data information were also provided. It is in progress.

In addition, 11 people including officials from the Civil Service Commission, the Special Investigation Committee for the 4·16 Sewol Ferry Tragedy, the Hull Investigation Committee, the Maritime Police Station, and the 4·16 Recording Team were summoned and investigated as reference persons.

However, no suspects have been charged with specific allegations.

The Sewol Special Prosecutor's Office can investigate for 60 days until the 11th of next month, and if necessary, it can be extended by 30 days with the approval of the president.

(Photo = Yonhap News)