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one-month-old newborn was infected with Corona 19 with his mother, and it was reported that he was sent to a ward shared by several infected people.

My family then asked me to self-quarantine, but when they were denied, they filed a lawsuit.

Correspondent Hong Young-jae.

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afternoon of the 13th, in front of an apartment in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, mother Kim, who tested positive for Corona, takes the ambulance with a white envelope.

Inside is an infant who is only one month old.

Yesterday and yesterday, mother and daughter were confirmed positive one after another and are moving to an isolation facility.

[Father: I was born on the 14th of May, so it's just been a month.

There is a difference of one day between the positive test date of the mother and the baby.]

However, this baby, who was only a month old, was assigned to a hospital shared room.

[Father: In the case of a general corona positive confirmed person, they are isolated in a single room at the living treatment center, but the baby is not immune at all.

There is a risk of infection and there is a possibility of cross-infection or nosocomial infection from other pathogens…


In addition to COVID-19, there are concerns about additional infections, but the hospital side is in a position that it is difficult to change rooms due to the lack of beds.

[Seoul City Hospital Bed: Because other mothers are going through the same situation as ○○.

Even if you want a single room, there is no hospital whether you want a double room or not.]

Parents requested that the confirmed mother and daughter be self-isolated rather than using a shared room because they were asymptomatic, but according to the quarantine guidelines, infants under 3 months of age are classified as high-risk. Even this was rejected.

[Father: The child has to breastfeed every hour and a half, and there is no one to help with this alone.

My health may get worse, and I don't know what will happen with poor facilities and hygiene.] The

family eventually filed a lawsuit for suspension of execution in the court to cancel the quarantine in the multi-room hospital.

The result of the lawsuit is expected to come out as early as tomorrow, but when the controversy became controversial, the local government said that it had changed the quarantine hospital so that it was assigned a room used only for infants and mothers.

(Video coverage: Kim Seong-il, video editing: Lee Hong-myeong, CG: Kang Yun-jeong)