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today (12th), the business hours of gyms and indoor golf courses will be extended in some areas of Seoul. Facilities that were turned off at 10 pm are operating until midnight. Let's call a reporter.

Reporter Choi Seon-gil, are you currently in Mapo-gu?


Yes, this is a gym in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

There are many people who take care of their health late after working on weekends or spending time with family and friends during the day.

From today onwards, you can exercise until midnight instead of 10pm.

[Jeong In-chan/Health Center Branch Manager: Members who use the service can't use it for a certain period of time and work late, which makes it uncomfortable, but I think it's fortunate that this part is being resolved to some extent.] As it

is a pilot project by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, gyms and indoor golf in Mapo-gu and Gangdong-gu This is possible only at places where extended business has been requested during the practice range.

About 40 places in Mapo-gu and Gangdong-gu applied for it, and the fact that the gym and indoor golf driving range are usually operated as a member system makes it easy to manage users.

Instead, there are conditions that must be met.

Employees are required to undergo PCR tests every two weeks and must follow strict quarantine measures such as limiting the number of people and taking ventilation measures.

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it allowed until midnight at some facilities in some areas, and the current social distancing, which can only gather up to 4 people by 10 pm, will be extended by 3 weeks?


Yes, yes.

The current social distancing steps, such as the ban on private gatherings of more than 5 people, will be extended for three more weeks until the 4th of next month.

However, there is a possibility that the distancing restrictions will be relaxed next month.

According to the social distancing reform plan announced by the government, private gatherings of up to 8 people are allowed, and restrictions on the operation of multi-use facilities such as restaurants and cafes in the metropolitan area will be relaxed until midnight.

However, if more than 13 million people are vaccinated and the number of confirmed cases is managed below 1,000 a day, the new reform plan will be applied.

The government has decided to announce the details of the reform plan next week.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, video editing: Kim Jong-woo)