The city is full of gourmet burger joints.

It is one of the common places in Madrid.

Why open another one?

"It worked very well for us in

Talavera de la Reina

and we decided to take the leap. In February, just

before the pandemic

, we opened," says

David Durán

, one of the two partners of Bendita Burger (Cardenal Cisneros, 11).

"Where meat matter" is a motto that clears the competition.

The niche is covered, it is exhausted, and the hamburgers are squeezed until they are distorted.

Burgers are no longer offered but experiences surrounded by bread.


are the opposite of fast food

. We want to

make food something else

. That the customer repeats and not only because of our quality meat. In Talavera we had a DJ and people also only went to have drinks. It is much more than eating one hamburger, "Durán insists.

Burger Castiza.

Meat, he says, is meat. "We do not use processed meat. It is all natural. No allergens, nothing. Salt and go. The competition often offers meat that only reaches 90% of meat. Ours is

first class

. In addition, we mince it every day in our open kitchen.

The customer can see how we treat the meat

. "

The product arrives from Talavera to Madrid and from Madrid, before sinking your teeth into "the noble parts of cows, not calves", you can make the way back by following the

traceability of the product

. "We indicate where the meat comes from, what breed it is from. It is a label in which you can identify each cow" and take affection and savor it as if it had been known for a lifetime. "We dedicate part of the livestock to Bendita."


Talavera cattle farm from

which the raw material comes is an extension "with several breeds of cattle" that are managed by "several friends".

When we opened the burger joint, "we decided to use it."

In this way, they have raised

limited editions of hamburgers

that have the meat that they raise just over an hour from the city.

"From time to time, we take them out. If it is

Angus meat

, then Angus. We also have

Simmental and Galician breeds

. In those cases, the recipe will only be available for a certain period of time. We will not take it out again once it is run out ".

Burger Duck Station.


There is no mixture of meats,

" David warns. "So we can also select the appropriate pairing for each breed." The label burgers come out without warning. "Many customers may not get to try them. But surely if they return they will have the opportunity to order a limited edition." The

word of mouth them worked in provinces

. "It is the best way to find out what we offer. Our clients recommend us. That allowed us not to do any advertising in Talavera."

Upon arriving in Madrid, they

released the Castiza hamburger

(14.95 euros).

"The accounts go out, more or less. It is


more expensive to

operate in this way. It is the first differentiator. Of course, the

value for money

for the customer is the host. We operate as a restaurant, we employ 14 people. It is a lot manpower, "he explains.

Burger Azteca.

The cheapest is

Route 66

(12.95 euros) and the most expensive

Bendita reserva

(19.95 euros), a "



dry-matured for at least 50 days



, according to the menu.

"All the meat is from

Cow over four years old

and we use homemade chips, which we wash, cut and prepare daily."

In addition to hamburgers, Bendita Burger offers "

steaks that we mature

in a special chamber.

We go with the loin to the table


The customer chooses the cut and the breed

. We cut it at the table and we also weigh it," adds the owner.

The jump to Madrid took a bit


"Our plan was to come here first."

The Talavera venue served as a rehearsal.

"It is 320 meters long and one day we had to leave out 100 people."

Coming to the city was, at the beginning of everything, the first objective.

"It's not that we didn't believe in our idea, but

we prefer to go slow and try our city first


The hamburger offering is completed with starters to share.

Finding a location was not easy.

"Well, the pandemic has not turned the real estate market around as we all believed. In the end, we found this one that we are delighted with. It is very cool and rounds off the experience." The next thing will be to


. With franchises? "No, no. We prefer to do it on our own. We want to set up a food

truck as

well. Maybe we will go to

Cáceres, Toledo or Burgos

. In Toledo we had everything ready to open a store and we had to stop it because of the pandemic ".

It is the

first adventure of the two partners in the hospitality industry


"We have only known the sector in pandemic. With the investment just made, we have not been left with another but to endure."

They also offer




"We have demand. It arrives well.

There is hardly any difference with the restaurant

. Well, the potatoes, the chips are not the same."

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