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speed of vaccination increased, about 22% of the total population completed the first vaccination. As the amount of inoculation has increased significantly, there are also cases of incorrect vaccination. At a clinic in Jeollabuk-do, the Janssen vaccine was administered six times the recommended amount, and five inoculated persons were transferred to the intensive care unit.

By Kim Jung-woo, staff reporter.


Mr. A in his 30s received the Janssen vaccine at a clinic in Buan, Jeollabuk-do on the 10th.

On the evening of the day of the vaccination, I was admitted to the emergency room with difficulty breathing and a high fever of over 40 degrees.

The Janssen vaccine needs to be administered at 0.5ml per person, which is a whole 3ml vial that can fit up to 6 people.

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amperes, including seeds Five people who suffered the same damage were admitted to a general hospital and are observing the progress, but fortunately, it is known that the situation is not critical.

[Kang Young-seok / Director of Health and Medical Services, Jeonbuk Provincial Office: It seems that there was carelessness during the process because it is a human work. It will lose its status as an inoculation medical institution.]

Earlier, in Namdong-gu, Incheon, a hospital that inoculates the AstraZeneca vaccine administered half the recommended dose to inoculations, saying that it would reduce adverse reactions, and the public health center stopped the vaccination.

Based on the US CDC guidelines, the quarantine authorities believe that there are no major side effects if the dose exceeds the recommended dose, and if the dose is low, re-vaccination is decided according to the dose.

Experts advised that the COVID-19 vaccine did not have enough research or clinical period compared to other vaccines, so it is important to strictly follow the guidelines recommended by the quarantine authorities.