This is what we call a small ball… The official account of the French Armed Forces General Staff shared on Twitter a photo revealing the password of a Windows session used during "exercises close to reality" by "the interministerial staff".

"To face natural, technological or health risks, as well as threats that may weigh on the population, security actors meet regularly in exercises close to reality", was it written in the tweet posted on 8 June by the General Staff of the French Armies, accompanied by a photo.

I blurred.

- Mr. Propagande (@MrPropagande) June 8, 2021

In the photo, eight people were present around a table inside a semi-trailer used as a Civil Security crisis management center.

Hanging on one of the walls was a sheet on which was written the name of a Windows session ... with its password.

Screenshots continue to circulate on social networks

Alerted by @ TomDAAVID, an M1 student at ENS de Lyon, the staff's Twitter account immediately removed the tweet, before reposting it as is, then erasing it a second time.

As reported by the specialist site Next INpact, the tweet was deleted but screenshots continued to circulate on the social network.

The photo was also published on the official website of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, before being withdrawn.

This incident takes place against a backdrop of increasingly worrying cybersecurity threats.


list of more than three billion passwords was recently unveiled by a hacker site.

Piracy against institutions or companies has also increased in recent months in France and around the world.

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