• While the Record Shop Day is running vinyls on June 12 and July 17, the Muse firm is launching an MT-201 vinyl turntable for only 80 euros.

  • This


    -style record player

    allows you to reconnect or discover the vinyl record without breaking the bank.

  • Thanks to it, it is also possible to easily encode old albums in MP3.

Spin the vinyls!

These vintage records keep rising from their ashes and converting more and more followers, especially among young people.

To accompany them in their reunion or discovery of the LP, the MT-201 turntable of the Muse brand has virtues on paper to make a hit during the Record Shop Days.

20 Minutes

took out its old 33 trs to put it to the test.

A limited investment

Not everyone has the old vinyl turntable discarded by dad in a closet to try out, if not already done, the pleasure of the LP record.

33 rpm, 45 rpm and even 78 rpm find with Muse's MT-201 player a host of choice.

If you don't have the means to invest in a more expensive device (from 150 euros for a classic model to at least 1,499 euros for the mythical SL-1200GR from Technics), this record player sold for 80 euros can largely satisfy the curious.

A vintage look to keep the nostalgia alive

Available in different colors (blue, pink, gray, etc.), it is an all-in-one device that does not need any other peripheral (amplifier, speakers) to operate.

When it comes to marketing, Muse had the good idea to pair a vintage design with his reader.

This therefore takes the form of a suitcase that can be transported using a handle.

The exterior is covered with an imitation leather type covering, surrounded by metal parts with a brass finish.

It is quite pretty.

Once opened, the case reveals the record player surmounted by a cover dressed in a fabric imitating velvet.

Nice effect, even if the quality of the materials remains basic.

RCA, MP3 and Bluetooth

Once the MT-201 is plugged into the mains and a disk is launched, the magic happens.

Located on the front, the two integrated speakers deliver a fairly mediocre sound but the idea here is not to offer hi-fi listening.

Listening at high volume is also to be excluded as the quality deteriorates as you turn the sound potentiometer ...

Muse still had the good idea to match the device with an RCA output that allows it to be connected to an amp or, more simply, to a compatible speaker.

We had fun hooking up the MT-201 to a Marshall Stanmore II speaker to crank up the decibels with a pretty nice effect.

Neil Young, Elton John, but also the last Bertrand Belin and the last album of David Bowie went through there for our tests ...

Surprise for the youngest: you have to turn the record over at the end of each side.

For the oldest pancakes, the crackles between each track reveal to the ear the patina of time.

On the side of the record player, a USB port puts the device back in its time.

It can not only be used to play songs stored on a key, but also to encode the house's LPs into MP3.

All you have to do is start playing a disc, press a button for the recording to take place.

Enough to give new life to old records to listen to them in the car, for example.

The possibility, also, to liven up its digital playlists with pieces collected here and there.

Finally, the MT-201 is also Bluetooh and can be used as a speaker… with the limitations mentioned above.

Vinyl, a safe bet

The beautiful object and the low price are therefore the main arguments of the MT-201 from Muse.

Too bad audio quality isn't more of its DNA.

Still a nice gift to give or to make to flatter a vintage feel.

And why not, a real gateway to the world of vinyl in order to know if you are ready, or not, to equip yourself more seriously.

The vinyl record does not know the crisis.

In 2020, vinyl sales increased in France by 10%, according to the SNEP.

One in four records sold in France is now vinyl.

This is twice as many as 3 years ago.


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