Through augmented reality Active Arcade tries to make sports a bit more fun and in the game


you have to get away with murder.

Active Arcade

Sports can always be more fun.

By turning it into a game, you would almost forget that you are working for your health.

The Active Arcade app makes sports playful by using augmented reality.

The idea is that you put down your iPad or iPhone, after which the space around you on the screen changes into a gym.

There are various sports activities to do.

These games ensure that you actively move.

For example, you have to touch virtual objects with your hands or feet as quickly as possible, jump over obstacles or run back and forth.

The big disadvantage of Active Arcade is that you need quite a bit of space.

You don't just play this in the living room.

You have to move the iPad quite far to get a good view of the picture and then you have to have the space to move a few meters to the left and right.

Do you have that space?

Then this is a great way to get moving.

And the app is free too.

Download Active Arcade for iOS (Free)


How Active Arcade works

Philips Hue

The Philips Hue app has been given a complete makeover, with a new design and new features.

For example, it's now easier to send different color themes to your smart bulbs.

The Routines are now called Automations.

This allows you to set actions that will be performed automatically when the sun rises or sets, or when you come home or leave.

Automations now also take other people in the house into account, so that the lights don't go out when you leave while a roommate is still sitting on the couch.

It is striking that the Apple Watch app and iOS widgets have disappeared.

On Android, the widgets are also less extensive.

Download Philips Hue for Android or iOS (free)


The makers of the successful smartphone game

80 Days

are back with something new: a game in which everything revolves around the story and the choices you make.

This time the story takes place on a ship where a murder is committed.

The twist is that you don't have to look for who did it, because you already know that: you are the perpetrator.

You have eight hours to get away with the murder.

You have to be smart for that.

You must not only make choices in conversations, but also determine what you do and where you go.

The game is full of interesting characters, each with their own secret.

You can play


once to experience the story, but you can also choose to play the game several times to make different choices and find out all the secrets and a new ending.

The game is well written, so playing a second time is absolutely no punishment.

Download Overboard for iOS (6.99 euros)


Trailer: Overboard

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