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Become one of Netflix's greatest hits,


reaches its fourth season

with new faces in its cast.

We speak without spoilers about the

four reasons

that will make its eight new chapters (premiere on June 18) the most talked about on social networks

Carla Díaz plays Ari, one of the new director's daughters.


In the third season of


, a large group of actors who had been from the beginning said goodbye to the series. Among others,

Danna Paola and Ester Exposito

. In their attempt to stay fresh, those in charge of


have had new faces that arrive in season 4 with characters that will give a lot to talk about. For example, Benjamin, the new principal of the Las Encinas school, played by

Diego Martín

. His three children land next to him, who will try to detach from the father figure and fly free before their new companions.

This is the case of Ari (

Carla Díaz


La hunt. Monteperdido

), Mencía (

Martina Cariddi


While the war lasts

) and Patrick (

Manu Ríos

, an influencer with more than 5 million followers on Instagram).

In addition, singer

Pol Granch

, winner of the 2018

X Factor


, will have a very prominent role as an heir to the throne of a principality.

Not forgetting the top model

Andrés Velencoso

, who gives life to a seductive and mysterious guy.

Omar (Omar Ayuso) and Ander (Arón Piper) continue with their relationship.


Anyone who has seen at least one episode of


knows that

the morbid is served and that threesomes, oral sex, masturbation or sexting appear in its plots.

Something that continues in a fourth season in which relationships with various gangs are common currency among the young protagonists.

Very morbid and touching the limit of what is allowed for a series of these characteristics.


commitment to sexual diversity

in which mutual consent is essential.

Mencía (Martina Cariddi) and Rebe (Claudia Salas) have a lot in common.


Another point in common with previous seasons is the mystery, which makes


can be seen as a police thriller

in which it is difficult to find the culprit.

On this occasion (and without revealing anything), in each chapter we contemplate fragments of an event that occurred in a lake and the

subsequent interrogations conducted by the police.

What happened, how and who is to blame is something that we discover as the plot progresses, conceived as a great flashback that reflects the day, day and the moments before that 'tragedy'.

And up to here you can read ...

Samu (Itzan Escamilla) and Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) are still in Las Encinas.


Thanks to


, many young actors have been

elevated to the category of stars

... in addition to becoming erotic myths. Their work in this production has led them to face a new life followed to the millimeter by their thousands of followers. We are talking about

Itzan Escamilla


Miguel Bernardeau


Arón Piper

(Ander) and

Claudia Salas

(Rebeca), as well as

Omar Ayuso

(Omar) and

Georgina Amorós

(Cayetana). A group of interpreters who are comfortable in this series and who, this time, are going to star in

more dramatic situations than in previous episodes

and immerse themselves with their roles in love affairs that last for almost the entire new season.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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RecommendationsThe 5 most viewed Nordic series

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