- Can I go to Guam if I get AstraZeneca?

no. You can go. You just have to self-quarantine. However, if you get Pfizer, Moderna, or Janssen, you can enter the country immediately without self-quarantine.

- AstraZeneca is also a coronavirus vaccine, but why is it different?

It is because of reciprocity between countries. If you get the same Pfizer vaccine in Korea and return to the United States, you are exempt from quarantine, but it is the same principle that you must isolate if you get it from the United States and return to Korea.

If so, will this be the case in the future? It won't be. Now, in which country and how many times a vaccine was given, that is, it is determined by the vaccine passport, and new vaccines will be poured out in the future.

Vaccines approved by each country are different. Each vaccine also has a different duration of effect. This is the three major medical journals, The Lancet, and if you look at this, the difference in the effectiveness of vaccines for each person is heaven and earth.

Even with the same vaccine, some people develop enough immunity, while others lack it. If you open the way to the sky with only a vaccine passport, you may end up in a disappointment.

That's why the immune passport came out.

It is a passport that certifies how much immunity is present in your body rather than which country you have received which vaccine. If you have an immunization passport that says your immunity is activated, you will be able to enter and leave Korea more freely regardless of the type of vaccine.

- So how do I make an immune passport?

I got the AstraZeneca residual vaccine ten days ago.

The measurement kit measures the amount of neutralizing antibody and also looks at immune activity. So it's to see how much ability I have to keep the virus out of my body.

Measuring kit, how to use it? First, wipe my fingers well with an alcohol swab. This is a needle, and I need a drop of blood first.

I'll take a drop of blood with the eyedropper. And sprinkle it inside the kit. Add 3 drops of this solution. And wait 15 minutes to see the result. Let's see the results.

It should have a slightly brighter color than the red line above to have neutralizing antibodies, but I am the same. There is no neutralizing antibody. You can't get an immune passport. It is presumed that the neutralizing antibody was not made enough because it was probably less than two weeks after the injection.

Anyway, it is so simple that I can check the immunity activity in my body. The immunization passport will be created based on the results checked by these kits or directly measured by the hospital. There are products from other countries, and in the future, it seems that this type of immunity passport will be an important standard to open the sky.

Let's go back to the first question.

- If I get AstraZeneca, can I not go to Guam?

- Does the country I can go to vary depending on which vaccine I got?

no. It is expected to introduce immunity passports in Europe from next month, and it seems that you can travel abroad without self-quarantine if immunity is proven no matter which vaccine you receive.

And after a month, I'll measure how much my immunity has improved so I can get an immunity passport.

(Video coverage: Haryeong·Lee Cheon-su, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu, CG: Kang Kyung-rim)