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police are also known to have confirmed that illegal subcontracting occurred during the demolition process. The dismantling contractor is 'Hansol', but the actual work was done by 'Baeksol'. The police have booked seven people, including construction companies and construction companies, on charges of negligence and death.

This news is from reporter Jung Gu-hee.

<Reporter> For the

dismantling of the building, the contractor signed a formal contract with a company called 'Hansol'.

However, the actual dismantling work was not done by Hansol, but by another company called 'Baeksol'.

Police believe that Hansol and Baeksol signed an illegal subcontract contract.

[Park Bo-jeong / Gwangju Police Agency Investigation Department: (Subcontractor's) demolition equipment was also mobilized. Manpower was also mobilized.] This is in

direct opposition to the contractor's claim that there was no subcontracting.

[Kwon Soon-ho/CEO of Hyundai Development Company (the day before): I have never signed a subcontract (contract). It may be against the law... .] The

police booked a total of 7 people, including 3 people from Hyundai Industrial Development, the construction company, 3 people from Baeksol and Hansol, and 1 employee from the supervisory company, on charges of occupational negligence and death.

A situation where another company A was involved in illegal subcontracting was also detected.

The police are looking into the possibility that the company may have signed a contract with Hansol, who signed a formal contract with the construction company, to share the stake and participated in the demolition work.

[Police official: (Company A) actually participated in the redevelopment project with a stake, but the investigation department is now handling it.]

Meanwhile, the bereaved families of the nine deceased agreed to an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

There were some objections to whether an autopsy was necessary because the collapse was the direct cause of death, but as soon as the autopsy was completed, the body of the deceased was delivered to the funeral process.