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now on, we are going to deliver the conversation between a passenger and his son who was trapped in the 54th bus in Gwangju at the time of the accident. Even in a situation in which his own life was in danger, he only worried about his son until the end.

This is KBC reporter Lee Hyung-gil.

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4:22 pm on the 9th, when the building collapsed.

On a phone call from a 70-year-old mother, the son asks several times as if he did not understand the accident situation.

[(Mom, what's broken?) Something collapsed from above and she sank down completely] The

sound of moans coming from all directions over the phone.

The son, recognizing that it is an emergency, asks the location of the accident, and the mother is only concerned about the safety of her son in the midst of a crisis.

[What can I do, so be careful. (Did you say Nam Gwangju?) Yes, be careful. (Okay, Mother) I can't breathe.] An



in her 70s who had an accident was on her way to hiking Mudeungsan with two friends.

Fortunately, the mother, who was sitting in the elderly seat in front of the bus, was rescued relatively early and taken to the hospital.

[Son of the collapse accident victim: I got a call. I thought that my mother went to the emergency room and was fortunately rescued... .]

Currently, my mother is being treated at the hospital for multiple fractures.

One friend I was with was killed and the other was seriously injured.

The son has not been able to tell the news of his friends, fearing that his mother will be shocked as he is undergoing treatment.

[Son of the Collapse Accident Victim: They are really close friends, so I felt very bad. I heard it that evening, but I was


that my mother would be shocked because I didn't even know it.]

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-il KBC, Son Young-gil KBC)   

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