Google has just announced the arrival of a new privacy option on Android, reports Bloomberg.

In a few months, users will be able to deactivate the advertising tracking of applications on their smartphone.

By offering such an option, Google is following in the footsteps of its main rival, Apple.

The Cupertino company has indeed introduced a similar feature a few weeks ago with iOS 15.

Google's new privacy feature is also very similar to that of Apple, only the implementation of the latter will be different.

Users will have to activate or deactivate the ad tracking option from the Android settings.

The choice will be valid for all the applications.

There will be no question here of authorizing tracking for certain applications and not for others, as is the case with Apple.

The number of advertisements displayed will remain the same

“As part of the Google Play Services update at the end of 2021, the Advertising ID will be removed when a user opt out of personalization using the Advertising ID in Android settings.

Any attempt to access the identifier will receive a string of zeros instead of the identifier, ”says Google's support document.

Note that if advertisers no longer have access to Android user credentials, this does not mean that the number of advertisements to which they will be exposed will decrease.

These will simply no longer be targeted.

This new privacy option will be rolled out in several phases from the end of the year and should take several weeks or even months to reach all Android users.


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