<Anchor> Even if you receive the

same corona vaccine, the amount of neutralizing antibodies produced in the body, that is, immunity, varies from person to person. However, the relatively weak immune system was the elderly, obese patients, and smokers.

It is reported by Cho Dong-chan, a medical professional reporter.


There are three healthcare workers who received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Ahn Yun-jung, 25, was vaccinated twice.

[Ahn Yun-jeong (25 years old) / 2 doses of vaccination completed: I feel a little bit sick, and it was okay. I think the second vaccination was less painful.]

Hyeonji Baek, 29, and Younggeun Choi, aged 41, only had one dose.

[Baek Hyunji (29 years old) / 1 dose: 1st dose with AstraZeneca on March 29th, and 2nd dose is planned next week now.] The

amount of neutralizing antibody, that is, preventing the corona virus from entering them The ability was tested in the lab.

The amount of neutralizing antibody was predicted in the order of Mr. Ahn, who was vaccinated twice, Mr. Baek in his 20s, who did not drink alcohol, and Mr. Choi in his 40s, who did not drink alcohol.

This is because alcohol can make the coronavirus vaccine less effective.

The lower the number than the baseline 1, the brighter the light, the greater the amount of neutralizing antibody.

[Kim Seong-woo/CEO (Doctor of Science): Because the color is added to the antibody, the color is made a little darker, so that the antigen and the neutralizing antibody react (measure)]

As for the result, Ahn, who completed the 2nd vaccination, had the most.

Next, the amount of neutralizing antibody was unexpectedly higher than that of Mr. Choi, who was drinking alcohol more than Mr.

It is said that the immune system is stronger, because it can vary depending on individual characteristics.

Some people should be especially careful.

It was confirmed that people over the age of 60, hypertensive or obese patients, and smokers produced less neutralizing antibodies after vaccination.

Even if you are vaccinated, you are at a relatively high risk of contracting the corona virus.

Still, if vaccinated, 1/6 of the amount of neutralizing antibody that people who do not get Corona usually have, and this can prevent seriousness or death.

[Yangnae-ri / Specialist in diagnostic laboratory medicine: If there is a lot of (neutralizing antibody), it prevents penetration at all, but if it is less than that, but if it is to a certain extent, when it penetrates into our body, it causes a completely serious severity Even those who have been

vaccinated should wear a mask because they can infect others if they contract the coronavirus.

(Video coverage: Yoo Dong-hyuk, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu)