The online marketplace Slilpp has been taken offline by the US authorities, the US Department of Justice writes.

More than 80 million stolen data were sold on the marketplace.

The Netherlands, Germany and Romania were also involved in the operation.

On Slilpp, stolen usernames, passwords and bank details of people were offered, among other things.

These data could be offered and sold on the marketplace.

Authorities have arrested or charged "more than a dozen" people for involvement in Slilpp.

A spokesperson for the Dutch police says that the FBI investigation has been followed up by the High Tech Crime Team in the Netherlands.

Servers were seized in two data centers.

More details are not clear due to the ongoing investigation.

According to the US Department of Justice, Slilpp has caused "hundreds of millions of dollars" in damage to victims worldwide.

"We continue to work with authorities around the world to track down and take down criminal marketplaces."