[Hyun-Jun Go's perfect news]


It's time for news critic Go Hyun-Jun.

Let's start with the first news today (11th).

<Hyun-Jun Ko/Criterion>

It happened in the United States, when a man who was running away from the police checkpoint threw his 2-month-old child and ran away to escape the chase.

It is a road in Florida, USA on the 26th of last month in local time.

A white SUV crosses lanes and drives recklessly.

The police found this and ordered to stop, but the driver ignored the instructions and fled.

There was also a dangerous situation that almost collided with other cars. After a 40-minute chase, a white car entered an apartment complex, and the driver got out of the car and ran away, but as the police pursued it, something unexpected happened.

He threw his two-month-old son at a police officer and ran away.

Fortunately, the baby was well received by the police and it is said that he is unharmed, and the driver was also arrested in a nearby parking lot.

According to the police, the man's mouth smelled of alcohol at the time, but the baby has now been taken to a shelter. The driver is in custody on charges of child abuse, police assault and reckless driving.


No, I have no idea how to do that to a child, really. Give me the second news.

<Hyun-Jun Ko / Current affairs critic>

This is the next news. In a high school cafeteria in Gyeonggi-do, a closet on the wall fell and injured cooks.

On the 7th, a wardrobe installed in the common room of a high school cafeteria in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do fell. The wardrobe suddenly fell and hit the cooks who were resting at the time, and four people were taken to the hospital with back and leg injuries.

It is known that one of them is paralyzed in the lower body and undergoes surgery in the hospital and is being treated in the intensive care unit.

It is said that the accident occurred because the break room was so cramped that 9 cooks could not even stretch out their feet, so the wardrobe for work clothes was attached to the top of the wall in a dangerous way.

In addition, it was found that the wardrobe was installed only with short screws without a base.

In relation to this accident, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education is planning to file an industrial accident application for seriously injured workers and investigate whether the company that installed the wardrobe is responsible.


Taking this opportunity to take a closer look at what the environment in the rest area is like for workers who work outside of their current employment form, I think we should improve it if there is anything to be improved. Let me tell you the last news today.

<Hyunjun Ko/Critic of Current Affairs>

This is the last news for today. A restaurant owner has left an absurd answer to a delivery app review and is being criticized by netizens.

On the online community and SNS, a restaurant review posted on a delivery app and the owner's answer were captured and uploaded.

After a customer posted a picture of the food, he left a review saying that he would eat it often in the future because it was good value for money and delicious, but it was the answer of the store owner that became the problem.

I like the words 'It's delicious' and 'I'll order again', but my favorite word is 'I live alone'.

It has absolutely nothing to do with food.

Netizens pointed out that the owner's response was inappropriate, saying, 'Even if it's a joke, you seem to have crossed the line' and 'Do you still think that this kind of sexual harassment is a gag?'

There was also an opinion that the answer evoked fear in customers beyond unpleasantness, because the nature of the delivery order means that the owner is more likely to know the customer's home address.

On the other hand, if an inappropriate review report is received, the delivery app is taking measures to prevent recurrence, etc.