On Reddit, a PS5 owner recently reported that his DualSense controller had a bug.

It displayed a low or even empty battery when this was not really the case, reports



Since then, the bug has been identified by Sony and an update has been rolled out for the consoles.

This firmware fix was released on Wednesday and allows DualSense controllers to work properly again.

Not the first bug on the PS5

“Overall, there is about 11-12 hours of continuous battery life” for the DualSense, explains the user who pointed the bug on Reddit.

“The PS5 told me that my controller battery started to run low after about six hours.

This bug was really problematic: it could cause users to recharge their controller more than necessary, draining the battery very quickly.

“A bar is still a ton of remaining autonomy,” adds another user on the social network.

“If you turn the PS5 off and back on again, the battery frequently shows two bars when it only showed one before restarting.

This is not a major bug, but it adds to an already too long list of problems on this latest generation console.

Indeed, the PS5 also recently experienced a bug concerning the drift.

The console controllers made the character or cursor move on the screen by itself while the user did not move.

A problem that Switch owners also encountered when the Nintendo console was released.


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