The boss of Instagram has revealed information on the functioning of the social network.

He explained the choices that are made on a daily basis, in a blog note.

He returns in particular to the accusations of “censorship” leveled against his platform and the lack of visibility of certain publications.

"In 2016, people missed 70% of all their posts in Feed, including almost half of the posts of their relatives," says Adam Mosseri.

It is therefore fundamental that the few publications that a user sees have a relevance for him, in order to make him captive.

Instagram has built its business model on advertising.

The more a user remains on the application, the more he is in contact with advertising messages, hence the importance of algorithms.

Four main elements analyzed

Four elements intervene to achieve better targeting of publications.

The information on the publication is analyzed, i.e. the number of likes, the duration of the videos, or the time of publication.

Information about the user who posted is also scanned.

“They allow us to get a sense of how interested you are in that person and include signals such as the number of times people have interacted with them in the past few weeks,” says Adam Mosseri.

By looking at your past interactions, the social network analyzes your interest in a subject.

Finally, another algorithm will analyze "the interest that you generally show in the publications of a particular person".

It is by combining these four elements that Instagram chooses to highlight a particular publication in your feed.

It thus makes a prediction about your interest in a topic or user assuming that you would be likely to like or comment on its post.


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