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Platforms such as Movistar +, HBO Spain, Apple TV + or Netflix keep recent jewels in their catalogs such as

Line of Duty






In therapy


Resident Alien

that are not usually talked about too much.

HALSTON (Netflix)

Although just days have passed since its premiere on Netflix, this series should be much more vindicated for the great work of its protagonist (

Ewan McGregor

) and its creator (

Ryan Murphy

), responsible for other productions such as

Nip / Tuck




American Horror Story

, capable of hooking in an almost hypnotic way. On this occasion, the

life of the eccentric Roy Halston Frowick

is portrayed

, a fashion creator who lived in a New York full of luxury, glamor, sex, drugs and crazy parties. It's the 70s and 80s and we see Halston

create an empire, consolidate it and fight for it

in five episodes with a spectacular production design that recreates the

craziest years of the Big Apple



A series that makes

one forget everything and have a good time

. Nothing more and nothing less is what a

manners, friendly and very familiar comedy


set in a small town in Colorado, in the United States. Although, unlike other productions with a similar theme (such as

Doctor in Alaska

), here the misplaced guy who discovers his neighbors and ends up falling in love with the quiet life in the town is an alien. Yes, the protagonist is

an alien who hides his true form behind the human body of a doctor

whom he has murdered as soon as the story begins. As strong points we should point out the games of seduction between the protagonist and a girl named Asta (

Sara Tomko

), bizarre situations and a protagonist (

Alan Tudyk


A death funeral



) whose grimaces define the

alien's disbelief at what he sees


CALLS (Apple TV +)


scary series with actors

who only lend their voice and with images of

waves and figures in

the style of 'computer screensavers'?

This is how original this very

risky proposal

from the Apple TV + platform is, which offers nine independent horror stories.

With Fede Álvarez (

Don't Breathe

) at the controls,


plays with panic into the unknown (time jumps, aliens ...) using the word, thus capturing the viewer's attention and

instilling fear with surprising science fiction plots.


Uzo Aduba, an interpreter seen in

Orange is the New Black

and in the film

American Pastoral

, is the protagonist of the fourth season of a series that was successful years ago with Gabriel Byrne at the helm.

Now, the African-American actress becomes

Brooke Taylor, a therapist who opens her practice in Los Angeles

to people with problems.

In her sessions, this doctor, who also has situations that bother her,

provides solutions and gives advice

to patients who, on this occasion, have suffered the ravages of the current pandemic.

A production that entertains and helps to delve into a thorny and little-known subject such as

mental health.

To try 7 days free HBO Spain you have to enter here.

LINE OF DUTY (Movistar +)

Considered one of the best proposals in British fiction in recent years,

Line of Duty

has released its sixth season a few months ago.

And, as his fans attest,

the level of his storylines remains very high.

Especially when tense

interrogation scenes


in which a group of agents from the AC-12 anti-corruption unit tries to find out if the actions of a police officer have been proportionate and adequate to what is required by law.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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