<Anchor> A

so-called 'sucking' phenomenon occurred in which the brakes did not work and the engine did not turn off while the electric vehicle was driving. However, this happened again even though it had undergone a similar accident three times before and had it repaired.

This is TBC reporter Park Jung.

<Reporter> On the

30th of last month, an electric car taxi was about to enter the Muyeol-ro at Manchon Intersection in Daegu.

Suddenly, it starts to roar and run.

[Accident vehicle black box: Oh, why is this… Lord, Lord, Lord, Heavenly Father, help me... .]

A car that accelerated in an instant, ignoring the crosswalk signal, collided with the side mirror of another car that was standing there and narrowly passed.

[Accident vehicle black box: (Why is this, baby, can't you, baby...) No, the brake doesn't work.] The

driver keeps


into the sidewalk to


the car.

[Accident vehicle witness: (my car) passed by to avoid it. (Did the brake lights keep coming on?) Yeah, I saw it, and that's... When I looked from the back, I could see

that they were just

hitting the sidewalk while stepping on the brake.] The

car, which had sprinted for 1.5 km in fear, only came to a stop after hitting a streetlight.

This is the accident site.

Here, traces of continuing to hit the pavement stone in order to force the car to stop at that time are still intact.

The passenger had fractured ribs and the car was badly crushed with tire rubber and axles completely broken.

The car owner, a veteran taxi driver with 30 years of accident-free experience, is still unable to control the steering wheel due to a feeling of extreme fear.

[Ryu Jong-hoe / Suspicion of sudden acceleration accident victim: I step on the brake and it goes down and it doesn't work. Even if I try to turn off the engine, it doesn't work at all...

The horror is indescribable, it...


Even before this accident, the owner had suffered minor sudden acceleration accidents three times and had the engine part replaced at the service center.

In response, the service center explained that it was not possible to know whether the accident occurred because the accident recorder could not be analyzed without the owner's consent.

(Video coverage: Koh Dae-seung TBC)