In Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, eyewitness accounts of men walking the streets wearing women's underwear are continuing day after day, centering on social networks (SNS).

In the early days, there were mostly eyewitness accounts and photos of them wearing lace tops and short pants.

However, there is a possibility that criminal punishment will be raised if the degree is excessive in the future as the appearance of wearing only body-correcting underwear or exposed body parts is being caught one after another.

Today (10th), according to the Gyeongnam Police Agency, etc., from around May of this year, eyewitness accounts of men wearing women's underwear began to appear on social media.

This man roamed downtown Changwon in various outfits such as a string top, short pants, and women's swimsuits, attracting the attention of passersby, but there was no case of reporting 112.

Eyewitness accounts with a high degree of exposure such as swimsuits and women's underwear were lined up, and even parts of the body were noticed.

For more than a month, this man has been roaming the city center without any sanctions, and opinions have been raised as to whether it should be cracked down in some areas.

However, in reality, the police say that criminal punishment is difficult.

Under the Criminal Act, in order to be punished for performance obscenity, you must engage in an act that is judged to be obscene in a public place, such as exposing your genitals or having sex.

The police can't come in and crack down on you just because you're walking around the streets in revealing clothes without harming others or vandalizing property.

The police said that they met and talked with this man because citizens could become anxious when they meet at night and there is a risk of attacks such as hate terrorism.

The man in his 20s is said to have started going out after graduating from high school dressed as a woman.

He said that he liked to wear revealing clothes because he liked women's clothes and other people's interest in him.

It is known that this man has no intention of quitting wearing revealing women's clothes in the future.

There have been several cases in other regions where the police have even gone out to the police because of the controversy over whether the attire is socially acceptable.

In March of this year, a report was received that there was a 'missing bottoms' man with his buttocks exposed at a cafe in Busan, and the police tracked the man through CCTV, etc.

In July 2019, in Chungju, North Chungcheong Province, at a coffee shop, a man in a revealing outfit placed an order and the police were dispatched.

At that time, the police found that the man's bottoms were short hot pants and handed it over to a summary trial on charges of violating the Misdemeanor Punishment Act (overexposure), but the court found him not guilty.

A police official said, "It is difficult to impose sanctions for walking around wearing only underwear, and even if a part of the genitals are exposed, it is necessary to prove that it is intentional. "He said.

(Photo = Facebook capture, Yonhap News)