Despite the fact that it is falling, the Madrid hotel industry does not give up in its effort to reinvent itself and more and more restaurants are opening their doors, either

in the capital or in the Community



Inspired by the most loquacious, witty and mustachioed of the


, the new establishment of

the El Pradal Group

(the sixth already) was born with a carefree and fun spirit, and it is the first of a family of locals that will pay tribute to the famous comedians Americans.

With a somewhat more irreverent and

playful air

than its older brothers (Dogma, Noi, El Clásico, La Casita del Pradal, El Pradal), it has

three spaces

-bar, living room and large terrace-, where

the classic and the contemporary

come together the hand: cornices and tavern moldings share the limelight with mustard-colored benches, ceramic tiles and beverage displays.

Torreznos at low temperature, in Groucho.

In terms of gastronomy, the focus is on the

season, organic and organic products and also local products,

with which an informal menu is formed, with dishes to share and

stew stews

, rooted in tradition.

Thus, they are essential of this house of San Sebastián de los Reyes, classics of the national cuisine, such as the Russian salad, the croquettes, the torreznos, the castizas bravas or the pisto and more substantial recipes such as the hock, the oxtail or free-range chicken.


María Moliner, 3 (San Sebastián de los Reyes).

Telephone: 91 137 99 73. Average price: 10-20 euros.

Santa's hand.JOSÉ SALTO

Santa's hand

Behind this new restaurant in the Salamanca district there are

four friends

, hoteliers, entrepreneurs and with extensive professional careers behind them: chefs

Nacho Chicharro and Dani Garrido

, who have passed through renowned international and national cuisines; the bartender

Álvaro Cañellas

, who has worked in groups like Tragaluz and Tatel, in StreeXo or Soy Kitchen, and the head of the room and sommelier

Alejandro Fernández Félix

(Tragaluz and Urrechu). The four have come together to open their first restaurant that has three atmospheres -bar for snacks; more classic area with tables and a view of the open kitchen and another in front of the wine cellar for group meetings- and that

good cuisine, quality raw materials and combined

its pillars.

Old clothes dumplings with cocido broth, in Mano de Santa.JOSÉ SALTO

The culinary menu

revolves around the traveler

and the Mediterranean.

In this way, a Russian salad with prawns and a crispy shrimp omelette shares the limelight with some truffle crumbs sautéed in the wok or some dumplings of old clothes with stew broth;

or the idiazábal and pine nut croquettes with quince cream can give way to a

lamb shank

with peanuts and sage.

In the liquid offer, more than 120

international and national


, including labels from small producers, and

homemade vermouth

, one of the house's hits ... And in the shaker, a dozen signature cocktails, apart from the classics.


General Díaz Porlier, 95. Telephone: 91 724 17 87. It does not close.

Average price: 45 euros.

La Marchante dining room.

The Dealer

Gastronomy and more.

That is the philosophy of this charming two-storey establishment, which has

slow food

(that cuisine made with time and care and respectful of nature and animals) its common thread.

In the lower area, a

selection of tapas

, such as duck


spheres or a

sea ​​and mountain

of bacon and squid;


vermouth and cocktails.

In the top one, the

dining room proper

, whose menu is divided into four sections: land (products from the garden, such as a burrata salad with zucchini bows);

water (seafood dishes, for example,

confit cod

with creamy piquillo and chorizo);

air (rice dishes) and fire (where meats make their way: rib eye with smoked potato or steak tartare de monte with chestnuts and mushrooms).

Prawn carpaccio with black rice, at La Marchante.

And, with the name of the restaurant, the "more" that we said at the beginning has to do with art, since every two months it will host a

painting or photography exhibition

, for example, the current one: a choral exhibition with 16 images that commemorate moments of the pandemic.

Write down other bonuses: brunch on weekends, tasting menu and

gastro plans

, such as wine tasting.


Conde de Xiquena, 2. Telephone: 91 635 52 21. It does not close.

Average price: 35 euros.

Le Tavernier.

Le Tavernier Madrid

We close with a place that

looks at the heights and the sky of Madrid

and offers spectacular views of the city. Located on the rooftop of the Innside by Meliá Madrid Gran Vía, it was born - like its older brother from Coruña with the same name - with the aim of transferring to the Forum

the spirit of the old port taverns of the popular Coruña Marina

. Le Tavernier is inspired by a sailor -Breixo- who, after sailing for decades, decided to stay ashore and show the recipes and spirits he met on his travels.

The menu, conceived for

snacking and with a commitment to the Galician

, offers, among other recipes, creamy crawfish croquettes;

a Galician pork rib taco with padrón pepper mayonnaise, Arzúa queixo cream and pico de gallo;

a Betanzos omelette;


Galician beef carpaccio with parmesan

and basil or a Galician beef cheek sandwich.

Its wide liquid offer offers everything from well-drawn beers, wines, sparkling wines and spirits to a

wide variety of cocktails

and vermouths.


Mesonero Romanos, 13. Closed on Monday.

Average price: 30-35 euros.

Panoramic view of Le Tavernier.

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