Facebook is said to be planning to launch a smartwatch next year,

The Verge



The watch should have two cameras.

According to the tech website, the smartwatch will have a camera on the front and back.

The camera on the back is said to have a resolution of 1080 pixels and is intended for taking photos and videos.

The front camera is suitable for video calling.

The images can then be shared on Facebook and Instagram.

The watch could connect to the network itself.

The smartwatch does not have to be connected to a smartphone for this.

The watch would also get a heart rate monitor.

The first Facebook smartwatch should hit the market in the summer of next year.

Although the company does not immediately expect high sales, it is already working on second and third generations of smartwatches.

According to

The Verge

, the watch is part of a plan by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to make electronics for consumers that bypass Apple and Google.