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Supreme Court has decided to retrial the case of former Vice Minister of Justice Kim Hak-eui. He said that the prosecution had interviewed a witness who allegedly bribed Kim before the second trial, which undermined the credibility of the testimony.

Reporter Won Jong-jin reported.

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Supreme Court decided to retrial the case of former Vice Minister Kim Hak-eui, who was convicted in the second trial on charges of bribery this morning (10th).

Former Vice Minister Kim was acquitted or acquitted in the first and second trials on the charges of receiving a bribe worth 130 million won from Mr. .

However, he was sentenced to two years and six months in prison in the second trial after being found guilty of receiving a 43 million won bribe from another businessman A, who served as a sponsor.

The Supreme Court ruled that there was a problem with the fact that a businessman who allegedly had bribed Kim before the first and second trial had an interview with the prosecution.

Businesswoman A appeared at the prosecutor's office before the trial and not only checked the prosecutor's statement and the contents of the first trial court statement, but also asked the prosecutor what to testify in court. I think it may have been influenced by .

Therefore, the court decided to reconsider this part in the remandatory remand.

A Supreme Court official explained that it was not a judgment to the effect that former Vice Minister Kim's bribery was not guilty, but rather a judgment to the effect of re-trialing the issue of Jill-soon, etc.