British competition watchdog CMA is likely to start an investigation into Amazon, the

Financial Times reported on


The regulator is said to be concerned about how the web store handles user data.

The CMA would also like to look at how Amazon determines which suppliers of a certain product are visible in the so-called

buy box


This is a white panel on the right side of the screen, which the consumer has to click to place an item in the digital shopping cart.

According to the paper, Amazon may prefer merchants who also use Amazon logistics and delivery options.

The CMA and Amazon declined to comment.

The regulator's investigation would be similar to that of the European Commission.

Previously, the British left these major matters to a large extent to the European authorities in Brussels, but that is no longer possible due to Brexit.

Brussels currently has two pending investigations into Amazon, one looking at how the company uses data to promote its products at the expense of competitors and another looking at

buy box